Young Londoners have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially those already facing vulnerability and disadvantage. London’s children now face increasing poverty, hunger and isolation. London’s schools face challenges relating to attendance, engagement, mental health and wellbeing, as well as the need to close learning gaps. 

Reconnect London brings together educators from across the capital, to support them with their work to re-engage young people with learning and school life.

London’s system leaders seek to better define and identify the spectrum of disadvantage and vulnerability and how it impacts differently on children and young people depending on their individual circumstances.

OUR network

Reconnect London provides and signposts school leaders to relevant research, information about evidence-based interventions, case studies of effective practice and a dynamic network of peers with whom to discuss key issues.

Our network builds upon the knowledge and success of serving school leaders within the capital. The spirit of the network is one of connectivity, collaboration and co-operation. Our members work across our dynamic school system, in different phases and types of schools.  

We aim to reunite our diverse family of education providers. Our work is characterised by trust, humility, collegial ambition, professional skill and reciprocity. We are taking action collectively to ensure accelerated progress for our disadvantaged and vulnerable London learners.

We help London schools to better understand the challenges, harness solutions, evaluate the impact and share their experiences with peers.

Knowledge hub

Our Knowledge Hub includes original research into the challenges facing London schools, as well as thematic reviews of good practice, a self-evaluation tool and a curated library of further reading.


Our Innovation Lab supports headteachers to pilot, test and evaluate evidence-based solutions to existing challenges in their schools. The lab will establish collaborative learning trios to implement these interventions and evaluate their impact.

Headteacher network

Our Headteacher Network brings together London headteachers and system leaders to discuss their work with disadvantaged and vulnerable students and explore opportunities to cooperate and collaborate.